3D Property View

Our 3D Property View is a complete three-dimensional representation of a space, which lets you “walk” through the space to experience it as if you were there. It could also be described as an indoor version of Google Street view.

Innovate 3sixty’s £D Property Views are not traditional photos or video. It is next-generation Immersive Media. It is not a “photo shoot” it’s a 3D modelling process.

We want to provide you with the best 3D Model possible so to that end, you need to prepare the home so it will be best represented to future buyers. Below are guidelines that will help you achieve this goal.

Have the home “scan ready”

If you can see it, the scan will see it.

Imagery cannot be editedso please insure you have removed or hidden anything you do not want shown

Please do not schedule viewings, photo shoots or other services at the same time.

We will start on the lowest level and work up.

Make sure that there are NO PEOPLE or PETS on the same level during the scanning process.

Be aware that the  3D camera will see what is outside the windows too.

Yes, unless they are particularly small

Houses with smaller rooms and lots of furniture do take longer as more scans are required. Larger open houses with fewer rooms and less furniture take less time. Until we know what property we are scanning it’s impossible to put an exact time on how long our photographer will be at the property but 2 hours will usually be a minimum.

Our full price list is available on our website.

How can I pay for my Matterport Scan if I won’t be at the appointment

We send you a link in the confirmation email when we set up your appointment. You can pay securely online.

Yes. 360 degree views of the garden or view are a great addition to your tour. There is an extra cost for this service

Yes! We can provide you with captures from the scans for your use. The scans are not as high quality as those you might get from a professional photographer, but they are very suitable for most houses.

MatterTags are little markers we can place in the model that look similar to Google Map Pins. When a viewer sees these Tags, they can click on them to get more information on the item you want to emphasise. They are usually used to point out unique built in features such as surround sound, special counter tops, unique appliances, or even items that are for sale or those which are included with the house. There is an extra charge for adding MatterTags.

We can put together a guided tour that starts as soon as the viewer clicks on the model. They can just sit back and watch a tour of the house. They can always grab control of the model and end the tour.

In most cases you will receive the completed modeland links in 24 – 48 hours.

Every effort will be made to create a smooth clean and well laid out virtual tour. We ask that you visit our GALLERY to better understand what to expect from the image quality itself.

Yes we can scan detached structures. However they may not be connected in one contiguous model. Mot often the guest house is scanned as a separate model and included on the landing page. Viewers will have to view the guest house separately from the main house.

You receive the Showcase, Dollhouse and Floorplan Views plus Branded and Unbranded 3D Showcase link that can be emailed to clients, potential clients and email lists.  You also receive a 3D Embed links that can be embedded into websites.

Yes. We’d be pleased to. A Matterport scan is a great way to show off your business! If you have a restaurant, hotel, wedding venue, bar, shop, gym or even a nice office, a Matterport scan can increase interest.

The Matterport 3D Showcase is cloud based and resides on Matterport servers.  Due to the enormous amount of data it isn’t possible to host the model locally.

Innovate 3sixty hosts models for a period of six months.  For additional years of hosting, there is a small annual renewal fee.


The government passed a legislation that states anyone wishing to sell their property must have ordered or possess an EPC when the property goes on sale. Your estate agent is required to upload this EPC within 28 days of the sale’s commencement date.

Our Energy Assessor will need to access all rooms as well as the loft. We are required to inspect the heating system and controls, take overall measurements of the property and take photographs of key data included in the survey.

Every property is different but you should allow an hour.

Normal turnaround is 24 hours and we will e-mail a copy to you. We can also e-mail a copy to your estate agent if you wish.

10 years. It will be lodged on a central register.


Legionella pneumophila (commonly known as Legionella) is the bacteria which causes Legionnaires’ disease. It is often found in natural water sources such as rivers and ponds, however, it can rapidly multiply if it gets into manmade hot and cold water systems, especially if the system provides a source of ‘food’ such as limescale, rust or algae. The bacteria thrives at temperatures between 20°C and 50°C and the organism can colonise large and small water systems so both must be managed effectively to prevent risk to human life.

Legionnaires’ disease is a potentially fatal form of pneumonia, caused by inhaling tiny droplets of water containing Legionella bacteria. The droplets can be created by showers, spa pools/hot tubs, sprinkler systems, cooling towers or evaporative condensers etc.
Certain groups of people are more vulnerable to contracting Legionnaires’ disease. Susceptibility increases with age but those at higher risk include people over 45 years of age; smokers and heavy drinkers; people suffering from chronic respiratory or kidney disease, diabetes, lung and heart disease; anyone with an impaired immune system. Young people, particularly those under 20 years of age, are unlikely to be vulnerable to the disease.

There are a number of different regulations which relate to the control of Legionella, including the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974, the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002 and the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999.

The L8 Approved Code of Practice (ACoP) is a set of guidance issued by the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) in November 2013. It sets out the requirements relating to the control of Legionella in rented properties and workplaces where water is used or stored and there is a reasonably foreseeable risk of exposure to Legionella bacteria.

A risk assessment must be carried out by a competent person who is experienced in identifying the risks for Legionella contamination. It may show that there are no real risks and that water flow is being properly managed with no further action needed, however it is important to review the assessment in case anything changes in the water system.

A landlord is anyone who rents out a property, or even just a room, under a lease or licence. This could be a private individual, a housing authority, housing association, hostel or other commercial or charitable enterprise. By law landlords have a duty of care to their tenants to ensure their health and safety. This means keeping the property safe and free from hazards, including water-related hygiene.

Yes, we create schematic drawings as part of our risk assessment procedure, giving our clients a clear understanding of their buildings’ water systems and providing an important component of the compliance paper chain.

The HSE guidelines recommend assessing the risk of Legionella at least once every two years. It is also advisable to review the assessment if any relevant changes are made to the property’s water system.

If your tenant becomes ill with Legionnaires’ disease from water at your property, you may be liable to prosecution and would have to demonstrate to a court that you have fulfilled your legal duties with regard to managing the risk of Legionella.

Tenants should be advised of any control measures that need to be maintained, e.g. not to adjust any temperature settings and to clean showerheads regularly. They should also inform the landlord if the hot water is not heating properly or if there are other faults or problems with the water system which need to be remedied.

Professional Photography

The cost will vary depending on the size of the property and the services you have requested, but start at £100

Again, this will vary depending on the size of the property, but usually you should allow for 1-2 hours

An invoice will be e-mailed to you for prepayment (unless you have an account with us) and you can pay using our online system or by cash / cheque. We are sorry but photos will not be released before payment, under any circumstances.

I use Canon DSLRs with off-camera speedlight flashes along with a variety of lenses that allow me to capture the property from any perspective.

It may not affect some internal shots anyway, but we can always reschedule if necessary.

Innovate 3sixty will get them to you (or your agent) next day.

Photoshop is a really powerful tool, but it won’t tidy up the kids’ toys, plump the cushions, clean the floor or mow the lawn! Photos will make your property look as good as it is in person.

We work 9-5.30 weekdays, but if you require an appointment outside of these hours, drop us an e-mail and we’ll see if we can accommodate you.

High Level Photography

Standard stand alone cost is from £50.

The telescopic pole extends right up to 10 metres.

Usually it’s fairly obvious, but drop us an email or give us a call and we’ll advise you.

An invoice will be e-mailed to you for prepayment (unless you have an account with us) and you can pay using our online system or by cash / cheque. We are sorry but photos will not be released before payment, under any circumstances.

We can always reschedule if necessary.

Innovate 3sixty will get them to you (or your agent) next day.

No. Many high level photographs are taken from the road. If you need me to work from within the grounds, you can just ensure I have access. (No wall climbing or fierce guard dogs, please!)


Buyers find floorplans really useful. They need to know if your home can work as their home. Without a plan, you may be missing out on viewings.

This will vary depending on size obviously but 45 minutes is an average

Our price starts at £40 but many clients combine this visit with one or more of our other services. (Eg; EPC, photography) Please contact us about how you can save money with a package deal.

Yes, we can. Usually for no extra cost either.

We welcome corporate clients, and yes, discounts are available with a monthly account. Give us a ring.