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Lots of people ask us “What’s this new 3D Virtual Tour thingy?”

We invested in a virtual reality company called Matterport and were proud to be South Devon’s first Matterport Provider in late 2016.

We upgraded to the Pro2 version of the Matterport Camera in late 2017 and are now able to provide 4K quality HDR still photography as part of the service, something many other companies are not able to offer.

It’s definitely not your standard virtual tour.

We know that ‘virtual tours’ have been around for a long time. Well, at least people were calling them virtual tours. Generally these were nothing more than a few still images set to some cheesy music and placed into a slideshow template. 

A Matterport 3D Property View from Innovate 3Sixty is as far from those first efforts as you could imagine!


A 3D Property View is an online experience that allows the viewer to move through a space and view it from any angle

  • Completely Immersive
  • 3D Dollhouse
  • Floor Plans
  • Real world dimensions
  • Easy sharing via URL link to websites and social media
  • VR Compatible

Innovate 3sixty 3D Property Views for Estate Agents are a great way to create a virtual 24 hour Open House. Matterport technology delivers an immersive walkthrough experience unlike anything else. The Holiday Home Rental market is a competitive one and owners increasingly need to find innovative ways like this to fill their vacancies. Commercial Agents often find their clients are from out of the area so being able to show them the viability of the space, without stepping outside the office is an invaluable tool.

Hotels and Event Venues benefit from allowing potential customers to view different rooms as well as amenities no matter where they are in the world. We can create an immersive walkthrough space for your clients who are looking to book wedding venues, corporate event spaces, party venues and more. Event planners are given the ability to walk through the space with their clients, plan the setup anytime even if the space is being used, or if their clients are across the country.

We help Restaurants and Bars create an authentic virtual dining experience by replicating the style and ambience not provided by traditional photography.